Contractor Supplement Services

Reclaim Your Team's Time and Boost Profits

If you're a contractor, you know how time-consuming and frustrating the insurance supplement process can be.

 Instead of closing deals, your sales team gets bogged down chasing supplements and trying to maximize claim payouts. Without industry expertise, it’s easy to miss damage or code upgrades that would increase your profits. You’re left wondering if requests have even been received, let alone actively worked. 

This broken process not only hurts your bottom line on jobs but also impacts your overall sales productivity. There’s a better way…

CSS Takes the Burden of Supplements Off Your Team

With Contractor Supplement Solutions as your partner, we handle the entire supplement process for you. Your team is freed up to focus on selling and closing more deals, while our experts make sure you get the maximum payout from each insurance claim.

Keep Salespeople Selling

 Our handling of supplements ensures your sales team stays focused on closing deals, not bogged down in administrative work. Their time is freed up to drive more revenue.

Time Savings

With Contractor Supplement Solutions you can avoid wasting billable hours having your team chase down statuses and resubmit requests. We take this time-draining work off your plate.

Industry Experts

Our years of exclusive contractor focus means you get specialists handling your supplements, not generalists. This expertise ensures maximum profit and no cut corners.

We Deliver a Comprehensive Supplement Management Solution​

Ever felt the weight of insurance restoration jobs dragging your business down? CSS is here to lift that burden and catapult you to success. Imagine having a team of over 20 experts at your disposal, each armed with the knowledge and speed to navigate the intricacies of insurance claims. We’re not just a service; we’re your strategic partners in profitability.

The Cost of Mishandled Supplements

Without proper supplement management, contractors leave significant money on the table:

Lost Billable Hours

Having your sales team manage supplements takes their time away from selling. Less time selling equates to lower closed sales and lost revenue.

Missed Opportunities

Contractors without contractor expertise often miss damages or code upgrades when self-managing supplements. This directly reduces the claim payout and your potential profit.

Poor Communication

Navigating the back-and-forth with insurers yourself leads to frequent delays and uncertainty whether requests are being actively worked.

Higher Stress

Juggling projects, sales, and supplements spreads your team thin and hurts productivity. The unknown status of pending requests only adds frustration.

By partnering with CSS, you eliminate these profit-draining issues from your operations.

We Make The Supplement Process Easy

Complete Transparency

Along with daily status updates, you get access to our online portal to view pending requests, notes, and supplement documents. Real-time access ensures you're always informed.

Fast Supplement Turnaround

Our insurance relationships, prompt follow-up, and expertise means we can get most supplements approved and paid out faster. Faster payouts improve your cash flow.

Reliable Representation

CSS has cultivated preferred status with major insurance carriers. As your advocate, we make sure your claims are evaluated fairly to get you maximum reimbursements. 

You can trust our proven supplement systems and roofing-exclusive focus to deliver outstanding service and results.

Knowledge is power, and at CSS, we wield it with finesse. Our experts are not just professionals; they’re aficionados in the art of insurance restoration. Partnering with CSS means tapping into a vast pool of knowledge that propels your business to new heights. Your success is not just a goal for us; it’s our shared victory.

Supplements in 5 Simple Steps!

Step 1
Step 1

Scope Review - Submit your initial insurance scope and documents to us. Our experts thoroughly review all details to gain a comprehensive understanding of the claim.

Step 2
Step 2

Gap Analysis - We conduct an in-depth audit comparing the existing scope to photos, codes, and our contractor insights. All eligible missed items, repairs, and code upgrades are identified.

Step 3
Step 3

Estimate Creation - Leveraging our Xactimate mastery, we generate a polished estimate for all supplemental work needed to restore your roof fully. Our expertise results in prompt insurer approvals.

Step 4
Step 4

Active Submission - We handle the complete submission process and persistently follow up with insurance carriers as your advocate. No request falls through cracks.

Step 5
Step 5

Increased Profits - With our airtight process, you earn maximum reimbursements on every supplemented job. Sit back and enjoy the revenue growth.

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Reclaim Your Team's Time and Boost Your Profits

Being stuck in the supplement process means you operate inefficiently and lose money. With Contractor Supplement Solutions as your partner, it’s a new day:

– Your sales team is unleashed to spend their time selling, not chasing supplements. 

– Our experts take over all aspects of the supplement process to maximize your payouts.

– Daily communication and access to status updates let you focus on your business, not supplements.

Stop leaving profits on the table. Contact CSS today to learn more about our comprehensive supplement management services designed specifically for contractors.