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Get Fast, Accurate Supplement Estimates

Feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with preparing accurate Xactimate estimates for all your insurance supplement claims? We get it – this critical task takes up a ton of your valuable time. Time you’d rather spend meeting with clients, managing projects, and growing your business.

But precise estimates are essential to getting claims approved and paid. Without them, you’re leaving money on the table and insurance providers aren’t happy.

Let us take this entire time-consuming process off your plate so you can get back to focusing on what matters most – making your business thrive. We’ve got you covered for fast, accurate estimates on every unique claim.

Fast Turnaround

Our efficient process enables you to submit claims to insurance quickly, instead of waiting around for quotes. Let our team handle follow up, so you can do what you do best. Building dreams, one roof at a time.

Accurate Xactimate Pricing

You can leverage our expertise in Xactimate to receive tailored, precise pricing for your unique roof claims. We'll identify the accurate materials, labor and scope so you get estimates that truly fit each job.

Industry Expertise

With years of experience, you can feel confident you'll receive accurate Xactimate estimates fast. We know roof supplements inside out so you get quality estimates from true specialists.

Industry Supplement Expertise

Receive roof insurance claim supplement quotes back quickly so you can submit to insurance quickly. Our supplement specialists work efficiently to turn requests around as fast as possible.

Leverage our expertise in Xactimate estimates to calculate precise pricing tailored to each unique claim. We identify the right materials, labor, production rates, and items needed to complete the work per the insurance company’s requirements.

With years of experience on average, our estimators have the roofing supplement knowledge to provide accurate Xactimate roofing supplement list estimates quickly.

The High Costs of Choosing the Wrong Estimating Partner

Trying to handle all estimates internally or using an inferior estimating service will likely hurt your business in several key ways:

Stalled Cash Flow

Inaccurate or incomplete estimates get rejected by insurance providers, delaying claims and creating cash flow issues. This slows growth.

Missed Opportunities

Multi-day turnaround times on quotes means you lose out on jobs to faster competitors. You need agile, fast turnarounds.

Wasted Time

Preparing estimates yourself takes away valuable time from sales, production, and business growth priorities.

Unexpected Fees

Many estimating services charge overhead costs and fees you shouldn’t pay. This erodes your bottom line.

With CSS’s experience, streamlined process, and simple pricing with no surprise fees, you avoid all these costly risks and pains. Get quality estimates fast without the downsides.

Get More Claims Approved Faster With CSS

CSS’s estimate expertise means you get estimates insurance providers quickly approve – allowing you to collect on more claims in less time.

Our Consultative Approach

We act as a true partner, providing insight and recommendations to maximize your supplement claim approvals and payouts.

A Streamlined, Hassle-Free Process

Our roof supplement specialists handle the entire estimating process start-to-finish, delivering quality estimates fast without you having to get involved.

We've Got You Covered

CSS has the proven process, capabilities, experience and customer service to handle all your estimating needs.

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Reclaim Your Team's Time and Boost Your Profits

Being stuck in the supplement process means you operate inefficiently and lose money. With Contractor Supplement Solutions as your partner, it’s a new day:


– Your sales team is unleashed to spend their time selling, not chasing supplements. 


– Our experts take over all aspects of the supplement process to maximize your payouts.


– Daily communication and access to status updates let you focus on your business, not supplements.


Stop leaving profits on the table. Contact CSS today to learn more about our comprehensive supplement management services designed specifically for roofing contractors.