What to Expect



This may be the most important value our service gives to a growing contractor.We’ve been in the contracting and insurance industries for our entire careers. We’ve developed proprietary methods designed to efficiently and fully get you paid, without ever compromising your integrity. We adapt to changes in the industry and the law to make sure we stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing and challenging industry.

We deliver the same high level of performance for your supplements regardless of whether the job came from a new or veteran salesperson. This consistency allows your new salespeople to realize the same high levels of returns as your veteran salespeople. This is especially important for new salespeople, who depend on their first paychecks. Nothing brings us more satisfaction than delivering a supplement payment on a new salesperson’s account, because we know that check will help you retain talented salespeople and increase your margins.

Working with us couldn’t be easier. We will take the time to train your staff to ensure efficiency and maximize your returns – all at no cost to you. At the same time, we always do everything we can to work within your systems, not the other way around because we want to forge long-lasting relationships by helping you grow and make more money.

This business is complicated enough, so we strive to make dealing with us a simple and straightforward as possible.

Why Hire Contractor Supplement Solutions?

  • No risk. If we don’t add value to your supplement, we don’t get paid.
  • Industry-leading service. By hiring us, you can focus on what you do best, with zero capital investment and the same or lower payroll.
  • Higher returns, happier salespeople. Our service allows your business to run more efficiently and keeps your salespeople happy and able to focus on sales, making you more money and allowing you to scale your business and achieve high, but sustainable growth.